Handful of Salt Releases 1st Quarterly Publication

At Varian Designs we like people that DO things—step off their wordpress soap-box, and pursue their passions through to an actual, tangible result.  We try to live the ethos that it is better to create than criticize and if you don’t like a design or an object, make one better!  This seems to sum up Regina Connell and Handful of Salt’s approach to helping define and build the design/art niche known as DesignCraft. 

We were lucky enough to meet Regina Connell (editor in chief at Handful) at our 100% SF event last February.  Since then we have been incredibly impressed by her passion for “bringing a sense of humanity to the world of design.”  This pursuit, begun in the digital space, has crossed over into the creation of a “crafted” object of her own, a quarterly publication under the same title.  That’s right, Handful is going “the other way,” digital TO print.  As designers and makers of objects, we appreciate that move.

Handful refreshingly avoids the (f)rigidity of most modern publications by featuring individuals and companies who not only design, but produce the pieces.  It delicately walks the line between manufacturing and handmade, between visionary, hands off, “designer” and obsessive craftsman.  They clearly appreciate both and are striving to find and show the rich intersection between them in our visual world.  The curating of the content is diverse, original and refreshing, with photo essays complimenting longer interviews and finely written features.  We are excited to see what is coming next and feel lucky to have our advertisement included in the first edition. 

To Regina and HOS, from one maker to another, thank you for your work and your will to see something exist where nothing had before.